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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday, Nathanael!

Today is Nathanael's birthday, and he got snow! He enjoyed playing in the snow. We made "Happy Birthday" banners and posters (Taliesin made one especially for Nathanael back on his birthday and gave it to him today). Then I went to the DAV and got Nathanael a bag of toys (his request). He's still a little down today and has tried to find "Flower" once. We talked about how "Flower" is somewhere in this house, but he's hiding from us. I told him it's okay to miss "Flower," and we'll find him eventually. Until then, it's okay to play with his other toys. I also showed him the new kitty he'll be getting in the mail. He asked who is sending it to him. I told him that it's someone named Penny. So he told me he's going to name the new kitty "Penny." I told him that sounds good. Now he's in the kitchen playing with some stacking cardboard blocks.

I am feeling more and more confident that "Flower" was lost in the house somewhere - somewhere that we haven't thought to look yet. Because of the cold weather, Kelsey delivered The Buyer's Guide route alone and he asked at the other houses that I had not gotten to yet if they had seen a gray and black striped stuffed cat. No one had. He also asked several of the kids on the route, and none of them had seen him, either. The people on this route are really, really nice. They're the type of people who gave us bottles of water this summer when we were delivering. So I am confident that if someone had found "Flower," they would have said they did and probably realized who it belonged to. And I just know Nathanael was playing with him here on Wednesday morning. The trick is finding him - and keeping Nathanael from being too sad until we do. I'll be glad when "Penny" gets here. :^)



little castle said...

Happy Birthday to Nathanael. It would be great if you come across Flower and then Flower and Penny can be friends. =)

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday Nathanael!!!

Kandy are you snowed in? Haven't seen you online in a few days.
I hope all is well!