Ancora Imparo - I am still learning

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of Not Back to School

The school kids all went back to school today; so we decided to make today our first day of NOt BaCK tO sCHOol! We've been having fun. We have made Chinese dragon puppets and studied Chinese dynasties. Taliesin has been sewing up a storm today. We have read books. This evening, we are going to bake a cake to celebrate our not back to school freedom! Oh, and Taliesin wants to get started on learning more about ancient Greece (thanks to Percy Jackson). It's so much fun to not go back to school!


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our Day of Rest

Taliesin's snowy picture

Nathanael's lines and shapes

Today we had a real day of rest. We slept too late for church, so we decided to just enjoy. We went bike riding this morning, got McDonald's and went to the neighborhood park. We spent the morning playing, exploring, and reading. When we came home, we played Thomas trains, and Taliesin and Nathanael doodled with the Paint program we have on the computer. It's been a nice day. Sometimes we really do need a day with just each other.