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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Unschooling Lifestyle


The Writing...

Above you will see some projects that Taliesin and Nathanael are currently working on. They are designing their own books. They're really simple - just fold a few pieces of posterboard in half and use their imagination! I actually got this idea from my textbook in my education class. I showed it to Taliesin and Nathanael this morning and asked if they wanted to try it. They definitely did! They're not finished yet. We're taking our time. They're enjoying it.
Other than their books today, we have played with their toy recycling trucks. Then they wanted to read Dr. Seuss' The Lorax. Well, those went well together. The Lorax led into a few pages of Barbara Holland's and Hazel Lucas' Caring for Planet Earth. Now they're playing with their toy recycling trucks again as I type.
My college studies and other events have really made me think about unschooling as a lifestyle. I've always known unschooling - really, homeschooling, in general, is a lifestyle. But I guess I never realized how much it is a lifestyle. I think what really made it sink in is the Women of Passions conference that I am working on. One of segments of the conference is a Passion for Family. I can honestly say that I could not speak about a Passion for Family without speaking about homeschooling - in particular, unschooling. Our life is so intertwined with our unschooling adventures, there is really no way to separate them. I cannot imagine what it would be like to not unschool. Oh, sure, I'm tempted to sometimes ship Taliesin and Nathanael off to school. LOL Not really, but sometimes I feel that way. LOL. But I don't think I could do that. I honestly do not. Life would just not be the same. When I look back through this blog - just the past few months even; I can see how our lives were enriched because our unschooling. It is honestly amazing to me. As I've been reading in my textbook about education philosophies and the importance of reading and various ideas and theories; I still come back to unschooling. I come back to the fact that if learning is truly a delight-driven, interest-led, natural process for a child; there really is no way to separate learning from life.



Rebecca said...

Great comments on unschooling. I have a three year old and have been on the same track, although not too many others share the conviction. Good for you. BTW, I went to Liberty also.

unschoolermom said...

Thank you, Rebecca. I'm sorry. I just saw your comment. It is true that not many others share an unschooling conviction; but it is definitely an education I feel God has led us, too. And I love Liberty! I'm very blessed to be able to attend there!