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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Makes Me Thankful for My Education Degree

I received this link on a regional homeschooling discussion list. I am just so thankful God provided a way for me to pursue my secondary degree in education! I definitely know this degree is part of God's plan for my life and for my sons' "education."



Stephanie said...

What a load!
One 11 yr old compared to thousands of public school kids tat *fall through the cracks* every year.
I'm staying off the radar!!!!!

We all don't have time/money/desire to get a degree.
I went to college, I didn't finish and I don't need or want to.

unschoolermom said...

Yes, the really bad thing is - according to today's paper - SRS had investigated this family and even removed the boy from the home three years before he came up missing. (He was just now reported as missing). Sounds like a case of SRS not doing what they are supposed to do - not a case against all homeschoolers throughout the state of Kansas. And the same thing has happened in Wichita with public school girls. The teachers kept reporting abuse to the SRS. SRS did nothing - until it was too late.

For me, I am just so thankful that Liberty began offering the education degree. I've been studying for my religion degree through them for over a year, and it was questioned whether they would offer the education degree. It was definitely a door opened when they decided they would - a big answer to prayer for me. But I understand a degree is not for everyone. All of us all called differently. As for time and money - LOL - who has either of those? LOL. My college is being paid for by student loans, as is my husband's. We're a working class family. My husband works as a cook in a restaurant. I work in fast food. Definitely not glamorous jobs, but where we're supposed to be right now. We both work on college late at night - usually after midnight. Who has time during the day? My sons' interests take place during the day. :^)


Mama Lavender said...

I'm amazed at the thought that making stricter homeschool laws is seen here as the answer. It seems to me SRS being held accountable and 'fixed' is the answer - not imposing on the thousands of homeschooling families and their rights to raise their children as they feel called to.

unschoolermom said...

Exactly! I couldn't agree more!