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Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, Taliesin had his second basketball class tonight. He joined in all of the activities, but he kept asking me if it was time to leave yet. Afterward, he told me it's boring and he doesn't want to go back. So if he changes his mind before the next class, that's fine; if not, that's fine, too. He tried it. He doesn't care for it. Now he knows. Last week Kelsey took him. This week, I did. I agree with Kelsey - I think it's too much public-school like, instructions given, students follow. There is not much room for creativity and imagination, even though the coach is very friendly. That, and I think an hour is too long for kids this young. They would learn a lot more with half-hour classes, IMHO.

But this week I did run into my former supervisor's supervisor at the class. For those who do not know, I left this company for several reasons - one, I did not agree with their ethics and two, they would not work the schedule I was needing for homeschooling. (Yes, I do understand that homeschooling - particularly unschooling - can be done at any time. Learning does not just take place on certain days during certain hours. But at this time, Taliesin was in speech therapy through the public school system. They were asking a lot of questions and implying a lot about homeschooling. So I wanted to be safe and be home during regular "school hours"). Anyway, my former supervisor's supervisor asked if we were still homeschooling. I told her we definitely are - going on three years now. She gave me the typical non-homeschooler reply, "I don't know how you do it!" If I hadn't been so busy with Taliesin and basketball, I would have explained; but I didn't. Oh, well, that's that.

So Taliesin wants to visit a karate studio again that has a special class for six-year olds called "Little Dragons." It sounds like a really neat program. And it's within our budget. So I'm sure we'll start going there on Mondays instead of to basketball.



little castle said...

I always groan a bit inside when people do the "I don't know how you do it" remark. To me, it's as rude as me saying back, "I don't know how you don't". LOL

Thanks for sharing the link to the book you wrote for. It sounds really cool to me.


unschoolermom said...

I know what you mean. When people tell me that, I just want to say, "Then you probably shouldn't!"

You're welcome about the link. It is really a wonderful project!