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Monday, January 5, 2009

Today's Activities

Last night, we were invited to my manager's house today to help make the Amish friendship bread. Taliesin and Nathanael had so much fun! I thought they were rather ornery while they were there, by my manager assured me they were just active but were very good. :^) That's always nice to here. After making the bread (or, actually, they were the muffin version), we made a trip to the library to pick up whatever Dr. Seuss books that we do not have for the unit studies and some books on the Amish. While there, we ran into some fellow homeschoolers that we know; so Taliesin and Nathanael played with them in the library's imagination station and then built some cool towers and castles with Legos. After our library visit, Kelsey took Taliesin to basketball while Nathanael and I went home and read two of the Dr. Seuss books - Horton Hears a Who and My Many Colored Days. He loves them both. After reading the latter, he decided to make a colorful picture to describe his moods. (I will post a picture of it when I post other pictures from their Dr. Seuss studies. Taliesin is in such a hurry to start them, but we just did not have time today with everything else). Now, Taliesin and Nathanael are downstairs watching a video of The Little Mermaid (they are still in a fish mood) while I gather some final information for my Messenger conversation with Jeanice from Women of Passions tomorrow morning. :^) Oh, btw, I think Taliesin was a little disappointed in his basketball class. It's through our parks and rec. department of the city offices here, but it is held at a local grade school. I think it's a little too much like regular school for him - a little too structured. He told me he likes it, but he just doesn't seem as excited about it as he does his dance lessons or karate classes. Oh, well. At least he's tried. And he still wants to continue going to them (there are five sessons left), though, so he's determined! That's always good. :^)


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