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Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well, Taliesin appears to be over his stomach flu - even though he was extremely tired yesterday afternoon. Nathanael has had it. I'm not sure that he's completely over it yet. I have my assignments for my education class completed for the week. I did that on purpose so I could concentrate specifically on the inductive Bible study the last three days of the week. Wow! This is such an intense class! That's all I can say for it. It's very hermenuetics-based. That is, it's based upon interpretation of Scripture. I love it! The way the textbook describes reading the Bible is like reading a love letter we just received. We read it over and over and over, paying to specific detail. I'm half-way through with the study itself for this week, then I have to type the assignment and submit. With Taliesin and Nathanael being sick, and with college backing up a little; I did not make it to a class I had planned on attending at church today. I feel bad. This is the second time I've missed attending this class. But God is in control. When He's ready for me to attend, the perfect time will be there. Well, back to my studies. Just wanted to update. :^)


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