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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Please Pray

We have been enjoying several activities over the past few days - and I have some fun pictures to post. I would just like to pause, however, and ask you to please pray over our family. We have been facing a few trials. Even Nathanael has been facing a trial as one of his favorite toys is missing. Please pray. :^)

Thank you. God bless.



Stephanie said...

You got it Kandy.
You know when we first moved to TN, Jared was 3 and he took a toy with him whenever we went out. We lost a few toys at Target and I finally had to talk to him about not bringing our favorite toys in the store. He understood because he was so upset about losing his toys.
I do hope you find Nathanael's toy.

little castle said...

Will do. I think we've went through this with every one of the kids in our family. Some of them we found later, some must have found new homes but each time it was very sad for the child involved.

Hoping it comes back to your family or he is able to make peace with it being gone if it does not.

TERI said...

Sending prayers your way....!