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Monday, January 26, 2009

Angels Among Us

Thank you all for the prayers! I really do appreciate them and feel them! Nathanael's stuffed cat "Flower" has been missing officially since Wednesday. I honestly thought he was somewhere around the house. It still seems like I saw him playing with him on Wednesday morning. By Wedesday evening, he couldn't find him. If he isn't in the house (which I'm realy praying he is), he may have been lost on The Buyer's Guide route on Tuesday. I've gone back to the route twice and talked with many of the people in the houses on the street Nathanael helped deliver. None of them have seen Flower. They were so sweet, though; and many told me they would keep an eye out for him because they know how much stuffed animals mean to the little ones. That really means a lot. Then Penny at CCU was so sweet. We found a new Flower (very, very similar to the old one) on Nathanael said he would like to have a new one (but still find the old one, too, of course). There were only two left in stock, and we do not get paid until Friday. So Penny ordered it and had it shipped to us, and I will pay her back on Friday. Between your prayers, Penny's help, and the people on the newspaper route just saying they will watch; I honestly feel so blessed. I'm one that hates to ask for help. But you are all the best!

God bless.



little castle said...

That was so sweet of Penny. I love good friends. =)


TERI said...

So happy to hear things are going better. Keep smiling!