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Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, we got our tax refund today. It came a lot quicker than we expected, which is a good thing! Get some bills paid off. And, of course, I had fun buying exciting new unschooling things for Taliesin and Nathanael today. We, of course, had to head for the hobby store for some new art supplies. From there we ended up with a new bag of Noodles, some sun catchers with paint and glitter, two model airplanes, two tape measures, and the neatest tone bells in rainbow colors. From Wal-Mart, we came home with some Fur-Real toys, a baby t-rex and a baby triceratops similar to the Fur-Real toys, two flute and songbook combinations, a polar bear and a panda Planet Earth stuffed toy/DVD set, a Spider Man game, and a small keyboard. Taliesin and Nathanael are enjoying themselves with their new unschool supplies. :^)



little castle said...

Oh, I love it when I can buy the goodies like this. I think I get more excited than the kids. =)

TERI said...

Yes!! Shopping can be so much fun. Love those art supplies! I just got some animal flashcards for my Grandson. Can't wait to watch him again so we can "play" with them. His two favorite things at age 2 are trucks and animals.

unschoolermom said...

Taliesin and Nathanael are really enjoying their new supplies! I get excited, too. LOL. Teri, the animal flashcards sound like fun. Taliesin loved flashcards at that age. Nathanael got into them somewhat, but not as much as Taliesin. He requested them all the time. Just a few days ago, I picked up some sight word labels from the dollar store. Taliesin loves them! Isn't it great to watch kids explore their own learning styles? Animals and trucks are definitely fun. Nathanael loves them both as well. I will have to post a picture I got of him with his worms. He dug some up the last nice day (they're outside again now). He would pick them up and tell them, "I love you." It was so sweet. LOL.