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Saturday, February 7, 2009

McDonald's and Garth Brooks

Yesterday was a fun day, even though the car quit. Well, technically, it quit the day before yesterday. We went to Wal-Mart for more book shopping. When we came out to the car, it wouldn't start. Thankfully, it started a couple of minutes later, and we made it home. Then yesterday, we took it back to Wal-Mart for an oil change (it's been a while and thought maybe that was part of the problem); and they had to jump it to get it in. So we tried three different batteries, and none of them would work. So we're now under the impression it's either the starter or the alternator. So it's now sitting at the mechanic's waiting for Monday so we can see what's wrong with it (and how much it's going to cost to repair it).

But the fun thing that happened yesterday was our trip to McDonald's. Taliesin and Nathanael had happy meals. I had the wraps with no chicken. Kelsey had the chicken strips from the wraps. And Nathanael enjoyed rocking out to one of my old Garth Brooks cassettes as we sat in the car, eating. He's always loved Garth. I remember one trip to Wal-Mart (no, we really do not spend a lot of time there as this post indicates), when we walked passed the TVs in the electronics center and a Garth Brooks video was playing. He lay in his little carrier connected to the shopping cart (he was a heavy baby, so we needed a break from carrying him) watching Garth. He still enjoys him. :^) This trip to McDonald's was definitely a highlight of an otherwise tiring day.



Rebecca said...

I can definitely identify with McDonald's being the highlight of the day. There are days here in a Pennsylvania February that winter has stretched on for so long and a drive-through is the only thing I feel like doing. We usually drive over to the train tracks and wait for "Thomas" while we eat our lunch.

unschoolermom said...

LOL. My sons would love that! They both are train fanatics! :^)

P.S. we do ride Thomas the Tank Engine once a year at A Day Out with Thomas. It's always lots of fun!

TERI said...

You always seem to find the postive in things, Kandy. I love your attitude!

unschoolermom said...

Thank you. :^) I try. LOL