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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Making Oobleck

Dr. Seuss fans will probably know what I mean when I say Taliesin and Nathanael made Oobleck today. First we read the story "Bartholomew and the Oobleck." We talked about some of the new words in the story - like "turret" and "page." They were very into this story - guessing what would happen next. So it was just natural to make oobleck after we read the story. They had so much fun. I wish I would have had some green food coloring in the house to make the oobleck green like it was in the story. And it would have been nice if it really would have dissolved simply by saying "I'm sorry," when clean-up time came. LOL. But it was definitely a fun day!

Our recipe for making oobleck: as much flour, water, and cooking oil as you can mix and mix and mash and mash.


P.S. For some reason, my blog is not allowing me to post a picture right now. I'll post those as soon as I can!


Colleen said...

Cool. I would have used cornstarch and water....or my kids latest favorite which uses borax, elmer's glue and water. But not eveyone has a huge bottle of elmer's glue or a box of borax around. I had to shop for those. But now that we have it my kids are always asking for "glue gloop" as they call it.

Cornstarch would have easily dissolved in water and could almost fit the story idea of disappearing easily. Oil and flour...I can imagine how hard that would be to clean up!

unschoolermom said...

Those are great ideas! Thank you! We just used what we had available. But it was fun. The cleanup wasn't too bad. I just need to remember to put newspaper under them next time. LOL. I love the cornstarch idea, though! That would definitely be cool - to have it dissolve! Thank you!