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Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Does Unschooling Look Like?

We just ordered and received the t-shirts found at this link To me, these shirts really epitomize the unschooling philosophy. So I thought I would include some pictures from yesterday to show how our unschooling day went. The great thing about unschooling, as this blog shows, is each day is different and unique.

Taliesin and Nathanael had so much fun making volcanoes and tornados in the dirt yesterday afternoon. Then their construction equipment would help clean up the mess made by these natural disasters.
Taliesin's newest story. It reads, "It was Valentine's Day. This is the Valentine troll. He likes Valentine's Day. He played with a bouncing ball. He had a crab friend named Valentine. Big Hills. One hill exploded! They watched. Steam was coming out. It shot out candy!"

This just came today - our second Dr. Seuss collection I ordered from Today, we've read "The Zax," "Too Many Daves," "What Was I Scared Of?," and "Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book."



little castle said...

I agree with all of this. I've never read "Too Many Daves". Now you have me intrigued.


unschoolermom said...

LOL It's a pretty short story about a mom who named all twenty-three (I belive that is the correct number) of her sons "Dave." It's pretty cute. :^) But, then, I'm becoming more and more of a Dr. Seuss fan as my sons become more and more interested in his writing. They have both really just taken to his stories. They're so much fun!