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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ooooh, I'm sore!

I joined a weightloss group that a friend from the unschooling group began. For the past couple of days, I've been doing some exercises, eating less, etc. Today, I walked for thirty minutes, then jogged a little, and exercised. Boy, am I sore tonight! LOL. It was pretty fun, though, because Taliesin and Nathanael got involved, too. Let me explain. I was walking around our backyard while they were playing this evening. Well, they saw me and decided to make a game out of it. Taliesin was a police officer who was trying to stop Nathanael and me from breaking the speed limit. Nathanael and I both got several tickets from police officer Taliesin. This led into Nathanael being a storm chaser. So we chased several tornados in our backyard to measure how big they were. It was very exciting! Wow! Even exercise is unschooling around here. :^)



TERI said...

Good for you! Kandy. It's a good kind of sore, though? Glad you made it fun with the kids too. I like to walk, but not sure if I could do the jogging thing.

unschoolermom said...

It is a good kind of sore. We're heading out in the backyard in a little while to play police officer and tornado chaser again. :^)


Larissa Klusman said...

Great Job Kandy! I know it is no fun being sore. But, it is a good sign! Keep it up and in no time you will be meeting your goals. :)

Nice that you incorporated the kids. My first day of exercising we also went to the park later and was running around playing tag and catch with ben,going down slides with both,ect. I was a bit sore the next day and exhuasted the end of that day!