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Thursday, February 26, 2009


One thing I do really enjoy about my education classes is I learn all of the educational jargon for what we do everyday. Kind of like yesterday's assignment. What we did was not so much different than what we do everyday. Taliesin and Nathanael learn by following their interests. But I was able to take that unschooling activity and explain it in educational terms for my assignment. This is extremely helpful for me for record keeping. I've always kept record of what Taliesin and Nathanael do each day on a chart, and I keep their projects in portfolio form (or bookshelf form - depending on the project - LOL). I also use this blog as somewhat of a record with pictures. If any questions are ever posed to me, I can refer people to these avenues to show them that Taliesin and Nathanael are most definitely learning in our unschooling environment. Now, however, I am also keeping a "teacher journal." I actually found it at the dollar store and thought it would be a good idea to write everything out in educational terms. This way, I have a more "professional record," for lack of a better word, of what my sons do everyday. I guess you could call it school wording for the unschooled. :^)



TERI said...

Excellent idea about the journal! I think the blog is also a great way to document activities! If anything, your boys will love it when they get older! My son, who is married now and has his own children, loves to look at his old "school" stuff that I have kept. I wish blogging was something that was possible yrs ago, I would have loved to journal our activites in such a manner!

Mama Lavender said...

I found a teacher journal at the dollar store also. Still not sure what I'll use it for - but it was so cute!