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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wow! What Opinions Come...

If anyone has been following the spanking legislation in California, there are some obvious passionate feelings from those who believe it is okay to spank a child with an object. I'm having a debate on one of the unschooling discussion boards about this. Some are able to simply state their opinions. Others feel it is their duty to try to change the other person's. I, personally, like to hear both sides of the debate. I have tried to have those who are against the legislation explain to me why. The way I see it is it is illegal for a husband to hit his wife, for an employer to hit an employee, for a prison guard to hit an prisoner - why is a child any different? But the only answer I can seem to get is the limit this would be against parental rights, would be government control, and spanking is a form of discipline. I wish I could get some straight answers.



Stephanie said...

A child doesn't have the option to press charges or have a voice in the matter.
I am against spanking period with the hand and definitely with an object.
We can't let the government control how we live and how we parent though, it's a fine line.

Many people out there think it's A-OK to hit a child and that is just downright scary.

All we can do is try to spread the word and give those parents another tool but making it illegal isn't the answer.

unschoolermom said...

Thanks for commenting! I can definitely understand that point as well. Sometimes I feel as though someone has to stand up for the children who cannot, as you said, voice their own concerns. This is just my opinion, but if that means making spanking illegal, so be it.