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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Traditional School Day...or not

This morning, Taliesin woke up wanting to do worksheets. When I asked them this morning what they wanted to do for school, Taliesin told me, "I want to go downstairs (to the schoolroom) and work on my Spider Man worksheets. So that's what we did. It's amazing that he's never done an addition worksheet before - we've added and subtracted in non-traditional ways like dropping cereal in one bowl and then changing it to another and adding (then subtracting by eating), adding toy cars on different levels of his toy car transporters, reading books that add and subtract pictures, etc. - but we've never done an addition worksheet before. But he didn't miss one of the problems. I guess that just goes to show that following the child's lead works! They are able to switch back and forth between non-traditional and traditional methods of education and learn both ways - whichever way interests them that day. We also did our flag salute this morning and our day of the week and weather chart. And Taliesin reviewed early telling time concepts with a toy, plastic clock and Nathanael reviewed number recognition and counting with the same.
Then it was off to building with Legos. I love Legos. They really do teach early math concepts in a fun way. They're also great for kids learning their colors and learning to count - not to mention hand/eye coordination and fine motor skills. After that, Taliesin and Nathanael were off and playing with whatever caught their fancy - toy cars, toy dishes, playing like the floor under the kitchen table was a fort, then a bedroom where they pretended to sleep.
Lastly, we read some Rugrats books. I've, personally, never been a fan of Rugrats. But anything can be turned into a lesson - both moral and educational.
Who knows what's next in our traditional... or not... school day? We'll see where Taliesin's and Nathanael's imagination and creativity take them.



Jess said...

Hello! I am a homeschooler from NY. I'm curious, how old are your boys?

unschoolermom said...
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unschoolermom said...

Okay. I realized I just typed three and four. Shows I'm tired. Just got home from a long night at work. Make that three and five. LOL.