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Friday, May 9, 2008

Finals Finally Finalized

Well, my finals are finally finished for this eight weeks of college. I ended up with a B average in both classes. Not the A I was hoping for, but it could be worse, I guess. Now next week, I start my first education class. I'm excited. I've looked ahead. I'm looking forward to week five, in which I get to say which teaching philosophy fits me best. Maybe I'll have a chance to quote John Holt in my answer. :^) This first week, I've already answered the discussion board question. It asked what my experience is working with children, what my goals are for taking this course, etc. I had to answer honestly. I'm working on this course to start my education credits in case there are any changes in homeschooling laws in the near or distant future (like with the Presidential elections). I'll see what they say. :^)



Stephanie said...

I'm glad that you are pursuing your goals but don't let politics influence you too much.

I am off the radar and will probably stay there. The president has no say about home education that is left up to the states where it should be.

Just last week the TN DOE tried to make a law that homeschool parents had to have a BS to do 9-12.
Well that was shot down! I do not have the time or the resources to get a BS and it means nothing to me. I went to college already, I didn't finish I had other things to do.

Anyway.. follow your dreams don't worry about government bull.

unschoolermom said...

I am glad that things sound like they're getting better in Tennessee. Someone was mentioning that on one of the discussion boards.

My degree I'm working toward right now is actually a religious studies degree. That's truly what I feel called to do. As soon as I'm finished with this, I plan to go on to a master's and a doctorate in theology. I love theology and apologetics! The education degree would either be a second degree or a double major, depending upon what happens. I'm sure I'll learn some things along the way. Like I said in the original post, maybe I'll be able to quote Holt. :^) I love Liberty's classes, in general, because they really encourage critical thinking. That's what I enjoy. I think this education class is going to allow me to do that - even by integrating unschooling philosophies. :^)

I, personally, do not view college as a necessity. I think it's a personal choice. Some people want to go and use that education in life, so choose to learn in other ways. I think both are perfectly acceptable forms of learning. I definitley will not push my sons to go to college. If they want to, great. If not, that's great, too. I have always, always wanted to go to college. Now I've finally been given the opportunity to finish my degree, and I'm loving it! I guess that just shows patience pays off. (I really hate to admit that as I'm not the most patient person in the world - lol). :^)