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Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Day

Today was such a fun day for Taliesin and Nathanael. First they made a house out of our living room couch and gathered stuffed toys to live in their house. LOL. Then we made t-shirts. Taliesin globbed some paint on one of his and said it was Noah's Flood. Then on another, he dotted it, then spread it and smashed it. It almost looks tie-dyed. Nathanael just had fun spreading paint all over his. :^) After that, we made some recycled art projects for Taliesin's 4-H. His creativity always amazes me. Today he made a train station out of a lid to a cardboard box, cans, and a drink carrier from a fast food place. Then he made railroad tracks out of Q-tips and a train out of a small box and Q-tips. He also made a crane out of boxes and ribbon and some kind of a big gas tank out of cans. I haven't figured out that one yet, but I'm sure he'll explain it to me. After that, we invited our little neighbor girl from across the street to come over and play. The played hopscotch, blew bubbles, played in the dirt, and jumped on the trampoline. Then we all went to the park after Kelsey came home from work. After that, I gave our neighbor a guitar lesson. Taliesin and Nathanael are both asleep right now - late naps, definitely, but they worked and played hard today. :^)
Now on to my college assignment while I have some time to myself.



Hilaree said...

Hi there, I ran across your blog linked somewhere, and like what you have to say about unschooling and spanking - I am a Christian, unschooling, gentle discipline mommy and I have volumes to say about why children should not be hit...and why school tends to be anti-life. You seem like a great lady and wonderful mommy! Check out my blog and scroll down to the Why I Don't Hit People to Make Them Do What I Want. Would love to correspond with you. Peace!

unschoolermom said...

I definitely will!
Thank you!