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Friday, October 31, 2008

Boy Stuff

We have had a fun two days! After being shut up in the house with sickness for over a week, we decided to go to the park down the street. It's a good-sized park, complete with small wooded areas to explore. Taliesin and Nathanael had a blast! It was total boy stuff for me. I am not one for outdoor exploring. LOL. I even ended up with an outdoor wound that resulted in a doctor's visit today. I think I poked my big toe on a stick in one of the wooded areas that caused an infection. Boy, does it hurt. Tomorrow I'm getting my prescription for the infection. For tonight, I'm soaking it in Epsom salt and warm water. I would not have thought a stick poking a part of the body could hurt so much. Last night after work, it honestly hurt all the way up to my knee. I was awake every two hours with it last night. (My sister thinks the wound looks more like a small snake bite, but I cannot feature a snake being out after the first frost).
Today, Taliesin and Nathanael enjoyed making orange sack pumpkins at the library, trick-or-treating and riding a Halloween train a the mall, eating at their favorite restaurant, and carving their new white pumpkins. Even though I do not, personally, celebrate Halloween; I admit it was lots of fun watching them enjoy themselves so much. Ironically, neither of them opted to wear their costumes today. Taliesin decided on the bone/skeleton shirt pictured below and Nathanael decided on a Halloween kitty shirt that says, "Got Candy?"
I do have pictures from both yesterday at the park and today's activities. I should be able to get them posted tomorrow. Tonight, since Taliesin and Nathanael are finally asleep after their sugar high from the candy from the mall; I have some reading to get caught up on for college.



Stephanie said...

I'm glad the boys are better, sorry about your foot.

unschoolermom said...

Thank you. :^)