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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Events, Personalities, and More Socialization "Lessons"

Hogsmoke Event

Taliesin next to his and Nathanael's pumpkins from the pumpkin carving at the art center. (Nathanael did not want to be in the picture).

Monster Trucks
The past few days have been eventful. Thursday, we awoke early to view the military aircraft at Hogsmoke. Friday is always our running errands, busy day of the week. Then yesterday, we were off to see monster trucks at a local car lot and to decorate pumpkins at an art center event. These two events yesterday really showed the difference between Taliesin's personality and Nathanael's personality. At the monster trucks, Taliesin was content to stand beside a truck and sit in one's tires. Not Nathanael, he had to ride in one (bottom monster truck picture). As we were awaiting Nathanael and Kelsey to return from the ride, Taliesin stood with his hands over his ears. It was just too loud for him. Nathanael, on the other hand, proclaimed how much he enjoyed the ride; and he is thinking now that perhaps he will be a monster truck driver when he grows up. At the art center, Taliesin decorated his pumpkin three different ways. First, he stuck vegetables (pieces of cabbage, peppers, mushrooms, carrots, and cucumbers) to it to make a face. He then painted around the face. Then, last but not least, he carved a face on the opposite side. Nathanael stuck some vegetables to his. He says they're trains. Then he painted some more trains. (Can you see this boy loves anything that moves?) Then he sat down to have some popcorn and pop while waiting for Taliesin to finish decorating his. So there was something for both of them yesterday. They had a blast. Next week, we'll have another busy week. I will try to remember my camera for all of the events. LOL. The monster truck pictures were taken with my cell phone because I forgot the camera. That is why there is only a picture of Taliesin in the front yard with the pumpkins. I did not have time to go home and get the camera in between monster trucks and pumpkin carving.
But, this leads me to the third aspect of the title of this blog entry - more socialization lessons. We have two little neighbor kids that live next door to us - a five-year old boy who just entered public kindergarten this year and a four-year old girl. Taliesin and Nathanael love playing with them. I'm sad to hear they are going to be moving with the next month or so. We've really enjoyed having them as neighbors. But, anyway, this little boy has never really had too much to say in the negative about anyone or their projects. There have been several times that Taliesin and Nathanael have drawn on the sidewalks with them or drawn on paper with them. Well, yesterday (after two months in a public school, of course), when the little boy next door saw Taliesin's pumpkin, he pointed out to him that the eyes and nose were in the wrong place. I explained to him that when people make art, everyone does it differently. That seemed to satisfy him. But it's just amazing what lessons in socialization public schools teach. It's their way or no way.


TERI said...

Those monster trucks are fantastic. I have always wanted to see one. Interesting observations about the neighbor children.

unschoolermom said...

The monster trucks were a lot of fun to see! I have honestly been watching children a lot since some episodes with Taliesin's art class. That's probably why I'm paying closer attention. But I have noticed it a lot - that kids are losing their ability to think for themselves. I remember when Taliesin was in speech therapy through the public school system. I was always amazed at how they wanted him to act certain ways - not as in behavioral issues, but in areas of socialization. I never understood it. Why can we not let children be themselves? It's just very sad to me. I have a feeling I'm going to have fun with this education class I just started. LOL.