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Friday, October 24, 2008

Interesting Days...

and not necessarily in the good way!
Since my last blog post, Taliesin has been diagnosed with walking pneumonia, someone again turned one of our dogs loose, and people that we care about have been having major issues.

For the past couple of months, we have had problems with people turning our dogs loose when they are outside. We have our theories as to who it is, but until we catch them in the action, there is nothing we can do. The first issue came when someone cut Riley's lead a couple of months ago. Then a couple of weeks ago, someone turned Princess loose from her chain. So we bought a brand new, heavy duty chain that there is no possibility of them getting loose from on their own. Low and behold, on Wednesday when I checked princess (who would not come in from outside) the first time, she was there. Five to ten minutes later, when I checked her the second time, she was gone. Thankfully, she had not gone too far. She came after a few minutes of yelling her name, and the neighbor girl across the street grabbed her collar.

Yesterday Taliesin, who has been sick for two nights with flu-like symptoms and a cough, was diagnosed with a mild case of pneumonia or walking pneumonia. So, needless to say, I called into work and stayed home with him last night. I'm off again tonight per the schedule. And Kelsey has someone on call for him at work should need be over the weekend. He was prescribed Zithromax and breathing treatments, so I hope he's better soon!

Then yesterday, I received an e-mail from our homeschooling group that one of the families had a new baby, but he has not been doing well. Apparently, he scored zero on the APGAR score, is not breathing on his own, and has been having seizures. Then, to top it off, we received a letter from Talieisin's and Nathanael's pediatrician yesterday (when Taliesin went to the doctor he saw a different doctor, his regular pediatrician was not there) letting her patients know that she has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will be undergoing treatments for the next few months. She is a wonderful, Christian lady - and she has even said so many times that she's glad we homeschool Taliesin and Nathanael. We are glad we found her as our sons' doctor.

So, if you would remember these issues in your prayers, I would appreciate it. :^)

God bless.



Stephanie said...

Yikes! That's a lot at once, boy I know the feeling.

Kandy, I hope your sweet little boy gets better fast.

unschoolermom said...

Thank you! Taliesin is doing a lot better tonight than he has the past couple of nights. But, of course, now Nathanael is running a fever of almost 102. Ughhh!


TERI said...

Prayers for you and your little ones from across the miles. Hang in there Kandy!

TERI said...

Also, I wanted to mention how I loved the title of your post. You have such a great attitude! Very upbeat in spite of so much going on.

unschoolermom said...

Thank you. :^) Taliesin is feeling quite a bit better today. I took Nathanael in to the doctor this morning. She said his is just a virus. I'm glad of that. :^) Thank you for your prayers!