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Monday, October 13, 2008

Gettin' Political

Well, the Presidential race will be drawing to a close soon. Who shall we choose? As an unschooler, I have to choose the candidate that I feel will be the best for homeschooling. I have often been accused to being selfish for such reasoning. But I don't think I am. People who will be voting differently have accused me of not being sensitive to other issues - what about the issue of children who are being abused by parents who will turn to their federally-established early education center for help? What about those who have been fired from a job because of sexual preference? What about the economy? Do I not care about others? In response to these questions, I have to reply that the answer is not socialism.

For example, is it right that the government have control over children younger than three? Today, children ages five (or oftentimes younger) through eighteen are under the control of the government. They are being "socialized." Well, let me tell you, I know all about socialization. I have seen teachers try to take control away from parents. I have seen attitudes of children change toward their parents once they enter a "public classroom." Respect for parents goes away along with the child's own creativity and imagination - you know, the stuff that all of us possess unless it is stolen by conformity. Therefore, perhaps the better question would be does the end justify the means? Of course, I care about abused children! There are few issues that are closer to my heart. But does the answer lie in earlier education? I do not think it does. Perhaps there are some people that need help. They truly do not know how to care for their children, resulting in neglect. What they need is someone to be a friend to them - to help them learn how to care for their children. Of course, there are other parents who did not deserve to have children. They are abusive, uncaring people. Those are the parents that should not be allowed to care for their children. Sending a child to school during the day is not providing a safe place for them, it's a cover-up. What about the night? Early education is not the answer to neglect or abuse. Early education advocates are using it as an excuse for the government to have earlier control over children. And it is a small step from "optional" to "mandatory." The early education that is an "option" for parents today could be a "requirement" for parents ten or twenty years from now.

So, back to the issue of homeschooling. Is the candidate who is promoting zero to three federally-funded education programs the candidate that is also for homeschooling? I cannot judge someone else's motives, but I do not see how the two issues can go hand-in-hand. As a homeschooler, I feel much safer voting for one that I know is supportive of homeschooling - so much so that he posts it on his political website. I, personally, will be voting for McCain/Palin this November.



Colleen said...

Alas, I cannot vote - double whammy being Canadian AND living on Guam! Maybe that's a good thing as I'm way too confused. I do know that I really really like Palin as VP, unsure about McCain.

unschoolermom said...

I like Palin a lot as well. I think McCain made a good choice with her.


TERI said...

Very good arguement in supporting your choice. Parental Rights are being stolen right under our noses.

unschoolermom said...

They definitely are! For me, other issues are important. Of course, I care about the economy and other issues. But those are second to the well-being of my children.