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Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow's the Day!

Well, my battery for my digital camera went down, so I have not yet been able to download the pictures I promised in the last post. As soon as I get another battery, I will post them (better late than never - lol).

Well, tomorrow is the big election day. There are so many issues at hand to decide on. It is unfortunate that the biggest concern for many is money. Who will be better for the economy? I can understand that we all need to survive financially. But there are other issues at hand as well. I have mentioned before the issue of parental rights and homeschooling. I still cannot feel comfortable with a President who wants to put children under three in government schools. That is way too much government control. Abortion issues are touchy. But I do not see how anyone can support partial birth abortions. I do not condone or agree with abortion even in early trimesters, but to say that a baby who is partially born should be killed is nothing short of cruel. And then, of course, there is the issue of a Presidential candidate who has links with a known terrorist. How could anyone say that this candidate's socialism is the better choice for America?

I was talking with someone at work the other day about the elections. I had to agree with what she said. She said she feels Obama will win. And he is a part of God's plan. But he is not a part of God's plan in a good way. We read all kinds of fear e-mails saying Obama is the anti-Christ. I do not think that is the case. But I do think, if he is elected, he will lead us more into that direction than we care to think about. I do think a one-world government is getting closer and closer. It definitely is a scary situation.


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