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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Feeling Better...

We found this shirt at Wal-Mart. When Taliesin saw it, the first thing he said was, "Mom, this is what we look like on the inside!" He wanted to get it. LOL.

There are some fall art projects. This is Taliesin's fall box.

Yes, I know I got Nathanael's turkey upside down. :^)

These were taken at a Halloween party at Taliesin's art class before he got sick. Nathanael had to get in on the action, too. I, personally, do not celebrate Halloween, but Taliesin and Nathanael enjoy being creative. :^)

Well, Taliesin and Nathanael are both feeling better. Taliesin's antibiotic is almost empty. Both of them should be able to attend their dance class this week. We've been having some fun days. Today, we've been playing with their farm animal toys and barn. Now their watching an Elmo DVD about farms. As soon as they're done with their DVD, we're going to make some macaroni and cheese with Velveeta cheese. I LOVE cheese. We do not get Velveeta too often. It has so much salt in it. But I think it will be a fun project for them. Yestreday, we decorated some fall cut-outs I found out Dollar Tree with shape stickers. That's what some of the pictures above are of. Other than that, we've just been hanging around the house, playing, reading, waiting for everyone to get over being sick. :^)
College is going well for both Kelsey and me. Kelsey is enjoying his global business class (a big YUCK to me - I do not like business - lol). I think he's even getting into the theology class more than he thought he would. I love the education portfolio class I am taking and the youth ministry class as well. I had to take some inventories to see what kind of a "learner" and what kind of a "teacher" I am. I was surprised that the test showed I am an auditory learner. I always considered myself more of a visual learner, but I can see the auditory tendencies now that I think about it. I came up as being a progressive teachers - surprise! surprise! I kind of knew that is how that one would turn out. I also was pretty high on being an absolutist. That, also, was no surprise. I do believe in absolutes. My lowest score was in being a socialist and my second to the lowest score was in being a behaviorist. So that one turned out just the way I thought it would. I've been able to talk a lot about unschooling in this class, which is exciting. There are three to four others on there who either homeschool now or have homeschooled in the past. One of them, even though she uses a curriculum, implements progressive education into their days. It is a lot of fun conversing with her. But I do think these two classes were really good to take together. They complement each other well.
What I really need to do now is work on my book more! I have barely had time to with college classes and life. But I keep seeing these negative books about Heath Ledger coming out. I need to get this finished and published! I should have it finished by the first of the year at the latest if everything goes well. :^)



TERI said...

Glad to see the boys are up and feeling well. Love the cute art and costumes. Two thumbs up for Velveeta! My grandson loves Elmo, too. I even got him an Elmo potty trainer chair that talks.

unschoolermom said...

LOL. For Taliesin and Nathanael, the potty chair was Winnie the Pooh. Taliesin still likes it, but Nathanael prefers the big one in the bathroom. LOL.