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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taliesin's Communion

Well, today in church, Taliesin took communion for the first time. We've been talking a lot about how Jesus died for our sins and rose again. When I explained that if he believes this, it is okay to take communion, he was very excited to take it today. It was pretty cute - my sister was telling me that while I was at work, Nathanael was given a time-out. Taliesin came up to him and explained that this is why Jesus died on the cross. Then, with a wave of his arms, he then announced, "And He rose again!" Just call him pastor Taliesin. LOL.



TERI said...

How Precious! I love how open to the Lord children are. No wonder God wants us to be "as children" when it comes to our faith in Him.

unschoolermom said...