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Saturday, July 26, 2008


We've had a busy past two days. Yesterday, Taliesin and Nathanael had their end of summer party at the library to end the library's summer reading program. We ended up recording 77 books that we read (although some of those were read over and over and there were some we did not get to record). The party was lots of fun. Taliesin especially had a blast. Nathanael had fun with the games, but he was a little scared of the people in costumes. Taliesin told me his favorite part was making the craft they had available. The library had different kinds of bug parts drawn on a pieces of paper. The kids were able to use their imagination and make any kind of bug they wanted to. Is it any surprise after their story from the other day that Taliesin decided to make a dung beetle? Nathanael is not my artsy one at all. He still has not made his insect. LOL After the library party, it was off to the mall to see the monster truck in conjunction with a monster truck show in Salina this weekend. Then, to top off the day, Taliesin enjoyed making pudding/cookie parfaits (something they both repeated this morning). Early this afternoon, I registered both of the boys for dance classes. This last fall and spring, Taliesin's art class included some dancing taught by a local dance teacher named Tamara Howe. Taliesin really enjoyed it. So I was finally able to get them enrolled in her dance studio. Taliesin decided on ballet/tap classes, and Nathanael will be doing a creative dance class. They will be starting in September.
I'm hoping to get some of the pictures of the library party and monster truck posted soon. Right now, Taliesin is wanting me to help him find Sally the teddy bear.


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