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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Dark Knight

All I can say is The Dark Knight was a lot better than I expected it to be. I liked Batman Begins, but it's not one of my favorites. I think The Dark Knight is a lot better. Heath's performance was awesome! But it honestly was not him. Maybe it's because I am used to seeing him in movies like A Knight's Tale or The Four Feathers or even The Order and Brothers Grimm; but this was... Wow! You know, when Taliesin was a baby, one thing I always loved to watch in him was the twinkle in his eyes. His eyes laughed with him. When Nathanael was born, he lost it for a while. He wondered why this new baby was getting some of his attention. But, after a few months, he got it back. Nathanael's always had it. My mom used to say that you can tell a lot about people by their eyes. I think that is true. When I watched Heath Ledger in his movies up to this point, I saw a twinkle in his eyes - almost an innocence combined with an intensity. I couldn't recognize that tonight in The Dark Knight. Not that it wasn't a good movie. It was. But it definitely was not what I am used to seeing in Heath Ledger.



TERI said...

I am realizing there are a lot more Heath Ledger movies I need to see! I have only seen about 3 of his. Did not know there were so many. I loved him in the Patriot with Mel Gibson. Did he die while he was working still with "The Dark Knight"?

unschoolermom said...

No, it was his last finished movie. He was filming The Imaginarium of Dr. Pernassus when he passed away. Director Terry Gilliam has plans to finish the Imaginarium movie, with Johnny Depp, Jude Law, and Collin Farrell filling in for Heath. When he died, I actually had not seen many of his movies - just The Four Feathers, The Order, and Brothers Grimm. Since I've started the book, I've added Brokeback Mountain, A Knight's Tale, and now The Dark Knight. Still a lot more to go. He was so very talented.