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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Our Favorite Things...

For now, anyway...
The past few days have just really been relaxed. I've been writing and writing and writing on my Heath Ledger book. I'm awaiting Friday, the release of The Dark Knight. Most of what I've written so far is leading up to this movie. Taliesin has been taking his second art class for the summer from the art center. The second picture above is his creation from today. It's a creature with three eyes, a horn, a plastic bullhorn, a gold heart, a plastic turtle, and an angel holding a harp. (Oh, and, of course, the two feet sticking out from the bottom and two seashells, too). Today, he surprised me. It's been a while since he has asked to practice his reading. We've read oodles and gobs of books, but today he wanted to practice his own reading. He got out his McGuffy's Primer and his phonics flash cards and wanted to practice reading. He did really well, too. He is really starting to recognize site words and to be able to sound out short words. Nathanael has been dancing a lot (top picture), pretend playing with his stuffed animals, and reading a lot of books like Look-Alikes. I love those books. They really allow kids to use their imagination.
Yesterday, between Taliesin's art class and delivering The Buyer's Guide, we did make it to the library. We took their reading list back for the summer reading program. We ended up recording 77 books that we have read since the first of June. There were actually a few more, but I kept forgetting to record them. Oh, well, we were over our goal of 70 books, anyway. LOL. So they are looking forward to the end of summer party at the library. And yesterday, they were able to get a free taco from Taco John's and a free ice cream cone from McDonald's courtesy of all of their hard work reading.
Well, my Pirates of the Caribbean poster just fell from the living room wall. Must need new tape again. Better go put it back up. I definitely do not want it to get torn. LOL.


TERI said...

I find it interesting that you picked Heath Ledger to write about. My favorite movie of his is "A Knights Tale". I think I could watch it over and over and over. Quirky, cute and entertaining.

unschoolermom said...

I just watched it last night - for the first time. It was very cute. I enjoyed it I cannot actually say I picked Heath to write about. If I were to pick an actor to write about, I probably would have picked someone like Johnny Depp or maybe a legend like Sean Connery or Morgan Freeman. I know I am supposed to write this book. It's a long story. LOL. The book is coming along very well, though. I am enjoying it a lot. But it is difficult for me to write. For around four years, I self-published a country music magazine and did freelance writing. I loved writing about the entertainers and talking with them, interviewing them. It was best! That is what is really emotional to me about this book. I cannot do that with Heath. I can write about him. I can study his life. I can write opinions from research. I can review his performances. But I cannot talk with him, interview him, ask probing questions. And this book is truly taking a lot of twists and turns I did not expect. It's really writing itself. Tomorrow, I'm off to see the Dark Knight. I'm excited and a little nervous at the same time. I know a lot of questions for me are going to be answered in that movie.