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Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Cluttered, but Clean

Family Pictures on the Living Room Wall (plus one of Taliesin's paintings)

Bird's Eye View of the Kitchen (you can see somewhat that the kitcen table is covered with Taliesin's recycled art)

Living Room Wall Above the Loveseat (that's Taliesin's coconut viking in between the pictures of the Greek churches and the Renoir [no it's not a real Renoir] and pictures that Taliesin and Nathanael have made and other homeschooling acheivements).

Wall Behind Desk (on the right, that's my Pirates of the Caribbean poster and those are leaf pictures courtesy of Taliesin and Nathanael).

I Love this Wall! The red is the chart where I write down daily what fun things we have done, just in case there are ever any questions. There's also lots of art work and pictures. Also notice the handprints on the door. One day, after paiting in the basement, Taliesin and Nathanael ran upstairs and slapped the door with their painty hands. It was too cute to paint over.

Our Lazy Dogs...

Taliesin and Nathanael Playing in the Living Room

Okay, so today a senatorial candidate - Tom Arpke - is stopping by to drop off some fliers for us to distribute in support of his candidacy. So I got to thinking, "Does my house look okay for a possible government official to see?" So, this is it. We can do this the democratic way - take votes! What do you think?


Donna said...

Looks clean enough to me! I love to see the kids artwork all over the house. I miss those days. Only my 11 year old does artwork anymore, and she only wants it in her room on her walls!

unschoolermom said...

Thank you. LOL. Hey, tell her she needs to share! :^) I love having kids' artwork on the walls. Some people walk in and look all around. I wonder what they are thinking. So many times, kids' papers end up on the fridge, and that's about it. I have noticed a lot of homeschoolers do have the artwork in the living room, etc. I should have taken a picture of the artwork in the kitchen as well. It's all over the house. LOL. We do put new up every other week or so, except for the ones we have framed that are up permanently. After we take it down, it goes in a portfolio. Taliesin and Nathanael are actually keeping their own portfolios now in Spider Man trappers. LOL.