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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Study in Sociology

Okay, many of you know I work in fast food in the evenings/nights. Well, tonight, I conducted a little study of humanity. We ran out of medium-sized cups tonight. Those are, of course, the most popular size. So tonight, we gave customers large drinks at a medium cost. Instead of telling people our reasoning, I just gave them their drinks in a large cup. I wanted to see how many would tell me I gave them the wrong size. Out of hundreds of customers that came through drive-thru tonight, two questioned why they were getting a larger size. Even the customer wearing the WWJD bracelet only looked at the drinks and laughed with the person sitting next to him. Now, granted, some of the customers may not have even paid attention or may not have been aware of what size a medium really is. But it appeared that many of them were simply happy to get more than their money's worth. Makes one wonder....



Donna said...

How fun to be able to conduct a social experiment. I always question it when restaurants give me the wrong size. I've even offered to pay for the bigger size before. Most stores around here don't upgrade for free though. If they run out of a cup size, (say medium)they say you have to order a small or large.

unschoolermom said...

I always question things, too. It was a fun experiment. And I had to totally respect the people that did point out what they thought was our error.