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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Taliesin, the Vegetarian

Well, Taliesin has decided he no longer wants to eat meat. He's been questioning the ingredients in meat for the past few weeks. It started with asking, "Mom, why do people catch fish?" I answered him that some people like to eat fish. This led him to try a fish stick of Kelsey's, but he couldn't bring himself to eat it. Next, came chicken nuggets with his Happy Meal. He asked my sister the other night while eating his happy meal, "What are chicken nuggets made out of?" She told him chicken. He then decided that he would just eat the breaded part on the outside, but not the inside of the chicken nuggets. He has also been questioning me about my veggie burgers. I explain to him that they are like hamburgers, but are made out of vegetables. Now he has decided that he thinks meat is yucky and does not want to eat it. I explained to him that if he decides not to eat meat that he does need to eat other things - like beans, peanut butter, and veggie meats to make up for the vitamins he would be missing. He has agreed to that. Today, he decided to take a peanut butter and honey sandwich to the park for a picnic instead of his traditional chicken and has said he would like to try veggie chicken nuggets. This is quite a decision for a six-year old. But it is up to him. I would not try to influence him either way - to eat meat like his dad or to be vegetarian like me. I think what I'm impressed with is he has made an informed decision - whether he goes back to eating meat again or not. He has gathered all of the facts. And he made his decision. It just could be his unschooling lifestyle that allows him to make such decisions on his own - decisions about what he believes and feels he should practice.



Stephanie said...

That is so cool! I love how they question and come to their own conclusions.

A couple years ago Cassie decided to stop eating meat once she found out that hamburger came from cows.

She asked questions and we discussed it.

It didn't last too long though because she started to miss cheeseburgers :)

Kudos to you for allowing your kids choices!!!!

TERI said...

That is very mature thinking on your little guy's part! How wonderful to see that.

Mama Lavender said...

I love the way you handle these things, Kandy. If more folks would treat their children like people with brains and hearts the world would be such a better place.

little castle said...

I love the freedom you are allowing while he figures out who he is.

Both my boys have went through vegetarian times in their lives and it was a great learning experience for all of us.

unschoolermom said...

Thank you all for the comments! I totally believe in allowing our children the freedom to make up their minds. Taliesin is proving to me over and over why. Nathanael is on his way. He does weigh options in his mind, just not as much as big brother yet. :^)


Colleen said...

I was just talking with another mom today at our tennis lessons whose son gave up eating meat after watching Super Size Me. He was six years old at the time. Now he is ten and still a vegetarian. I think it helps that his mom encourages him in this endeavor.