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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Winter Cleaning

Well, last night; I attempted to download some new snow pictures and some cool pictures of Taliesin and Nathanael making homemade playdough; but, for some unknown reason, there was an error. I have not tried again today. But I hope I can get the error straigtened out soon enough. Tonight is Taliesin's Christmas program and party at his dance class, so I want to post pictures from the fun! Today, we're having a cleaning day! With my research papers and Kelsey's finals, the past couple of weeks, the house has really gotten ahead of us. I'm sure the dust mites have been happy and right at home! LOL. So today, while Taliesin and Nathanael are playing, I'm cleaning the house - in a good, winter cleaning! It looks so much better! And I feel so much better. I tend to get a little on the groucy side when the house gets too far ahead. (Another of my pet peaves - LOL).



TERI said...

Get those dust mites, kiddo! I tend to let things go until I have to clean them. It is hard to get motivated to do it. My pet peeve? Probably unloading the dishwasher and putting the folded clothes away! Can't we just grab clean dishes out of the dishwasher or clean socks from the laundry basket? Put it away, only to get it out again! :0)

unschoolermom said...

I admit that sometimes my clothes are left in the basket until I wear them again. I usually wear the same outfits, anway. LOL.