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Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Memories - 2008

Stocking Stuffers

Toy Trains

Nathanael looking at his new WonderPets book

Taliesin, upon opening his Elizabeth Swann poster, exclaiming, "Oh, it's cute!"

The only present Nathanael wanted this year - a big scoop!

"Mom! It's a Wall-E calendar!"

As you can tell, my regular camera was not working well early Christmas morning. It was actually because the sun was just coming up, and there was not enough light to take good pictures. So I grabbed my cellphone and took these Christmas morning pictures.
We had a wonderful Christmas! I you all did as well! On Christmas Eve, Taliesin and Nathanael baked cookies for Santa and cut up carrots for the reindeer. On Christmas morning, they were amazed to find that Santa had written a note to them, thanking them! We opened presents, then enjoyed playing with new toys, listening to Christmas music, and preparing Christmas dinner. Christmas afternoon, we went by my brother's house and visted there for a while and exchanged gifts. Then my sister, her husband, and my dad came over to our house last night for dinner and a movie (The Dark Knight - I knew Kelsey would get it for me!). We had some fun Christmas memories. Two of my favorites were watching Nathanael swaying and singing, "Santa, baby, hurry down the chimney tonight" - along with the radio. He was really getting into it. :^) And Taliesin and Nathanael made up a wonderful island dance to go along with Kenny Chesney's version of "Jingle Bells," too! :^)


TERI said...

Wonderful memories, for sure! I like all of your upgrades on your blog. Bye the way. Great idea about feeding the reindeer! They do a lot of work on Christmas eve!

jaci said...

Great pics of happy little boys. They are so happy with the little things (like Elizabeth Swan? How Funny! And sweet)! I can just see the boys dancing.

unschoolermom said...

Teri, thank you for commenting on the upgrades. Decided to add some fun stuff to the blog. :^) Taliesin and Nathanael definitely had fun feeding the reiendeer. :^)
Jaci, thank you for your comments as well! They do enjoy little things. I'm glad that they do. Usually, Santa leaves them a sleigh bell (like in the movie Polar Express). But this year, the reindeer must not have dropped any, because he didn't leave one (I looked everywhere - no one had sleigh bell necklaces that I could find). That is one of the first things Taliesin noticed - "Santa didn't leave us a sleigh bell." So I explained to him that sleigh bells are very, very special gifts. They are not the kind that are given every year. And since he had last year's hanging on the Christmas tree, Santa knew that he still had it and didn't need another one just yet. :^)