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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

More on Promotional Tour

Everything went so well for the beginning stages of the Women of Passions promotional tour yesterday! Jeanice and I talked with the pastor of my church. We are planning to have the conference/book signing there either the first or second weekend in March. It will be a two-day event. We also took some complimentary copies of the book around to a few churches here to let them know about the event. Now we begin planning the actual conference and marketing the conference. We're also going to be contacting some local bookstores and the public library. This is definitely an invaluable experience! I've had the stomach flu since yesterday afternoon, so as soon as I'm better; I'm going to be making some more contacts. I'll talk with Jeanice again early next month by Messenger.



little castle said...

How exciting about your tour! Yuck on the virus though. Hope it is a very short term thing and that you are feeling better FAST!


unschoolermom said...

It is very exciting! This stomach virus is a pain - literally - in the stomach. I hope it's gone very soon!


Larissa Klusman said...

Sounds like things are on a roll for you! Would be a great experience. Sorry you are so sick right now! I have been down since Sunday myself with a very very bad case of strep throat. Finally asked mom to pick the kids up and she took me to stat care as I was running a fever of almost 103 and it wouldn't lower after taking ib profen and a couple of hours. It did finally break. But, now I can't sleep hardly since yesterday! They are just so swelled combined with a little nasal drip it just cuts my breathing off! Different misery...but I understand! Get well!!!

unschoolermom said...

Yes, I am very excited about how things are going! I love this project, and I love the experience I am gaining for my own, personal, future projects!
I am sorry you've been sick. I very much dislike being sick! I hope you start feeling better soon!