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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We Interrupt this Christmas Blogging... bring you an important announcement. :^)

Taliesin went to his first karate class yesterday evening. He loved it! It is definitely a lot of physical activity, which is especially good this time of year when we cannot get out and play as much. Next month, he begins basketball. Then in February, Nathanael has a karate class. Since this class is just a one-month thing through our Parks and Rec. for the city of Salina, I'm looking into affordable karate classes, just in case Taliesin wants to continue after this month is over. I found one that is $45.00 per month. So that may be an option.

Today, Taliesin and Nathanael got their monthly paycheck from The Buyer's Guide. Last month, you may remember, they bought Dorothy, their tree frog (still need to get some good pictures of her). Today, they opted for toys. Taliesin bought a Darth Vader action figure and a Mr. Potato Head Spudtrooper. Nathanael opted for toy trucks (his favorite).

And last night I finally saw Twilight. You have to remember, I have not read the book yet; so I'm not sure how close the movie is to the book. But I loved it! Kelsey thought it was boring. But I enjoyed it a lot. Now I definitely want to read the whole series!

...And now back to our regularly-scheduled Christmas decoration blogging....



TERI said...

I have always thought it would be fun to learn Karate!

unschoolermom said...

Taliesin is really enjoying it!