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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sunflower Seeds

Let me first say that I do have pictures of Taliesin from dance class on Monday. I hope to get those posted tonight after work. Right now, I'm making lunch for Nathanael. He opted for alfredo pasta. Taliesin just wanted some chicken nuggets. Both settled on chocolate milk (made with Ovaltine). I'm just eating peanut butter and jelly. :^)

The past couple of days have been interesting. So far today, we have begun soaking Taliesin's and Nathanael's sunflower seeds in salt water. Tomorrow, we'll start roasting them in the oven. It's a fun experiment to see how they turn out. We've been watching Mr. Megorium's Wonder Emporium and building our own magical toy store out of Legos. I like the message of the movie - everyone has something special inside of them. That's espeically good for Taliesin right now. Most of you know, he's enrolled at in an art class right now through the art center. This is probably his eighth or ninth class he's taken from them in just about two years. For some reason, this time he's feeling excluded. There were a couple of times he wasn't included in the games. Then yesterday, he was skipped over for face painting which upset him quite a bit. I didn't know how to avoid getting involved, so I did tell the teacher that he had been waiting to get his face painted with the other kids. (I always wait outside the classroom for him or just outside the art center). Even though he was upset and refused it at first, he did finally give in and get his face painted. He was pretty excited after that. I'm honestly just glad that I was sitting there and saw how everything happened. Otherwise, he would have been a very upset little boy. Later today, we're going to buy some of our own face paint so he can play "dress-up" more. LOL. Yesterday we did have another fun experiment. Someone that I work with brought in a couple of boxes full of apples from her apple tree a few days ago. So I took a lot home. Yesteday, we made apple pancakes. Taliesin and Nathanael had fun making them. They really enjoy making pancakes. Now we can add apple pancakes to peanut butter pancakes, planet pancakes, and fairy bread (our version is made from pancake mix - only it's baked and topped with fairy dust - aka powdered sugar).



TERI said...

Sounds like lots of very fun activities going on. Wonder what is going on with the art class? Is he just being shy, or did the teacher overlook him?

unschoolermom said...

I'm not sure, honestly. I think there is a lot of overlooking. It's happened three times now. Thursday, everything went very well. I don't know. It is frustrating. I've talked with teacher twice now about it. I just don't want Taliesin to get to the point where he doesn't enjoy his art because of what is going on in the class.