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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Oh, To Be King...

Yesterday was just a fun day. Yes, it was a run-around, run errands, pay bills kind of day; but it was relaxing. Taliesin and Nathanael got their hair trimmed. They chose to continue with mullet cuts. Then after we dropped Kelsey off at home to get ready for work, we got shakes (and crowns featured above) from Burger King, got some food from Taco Bell, and rented The Wizard of Oz. Taliesin found an old Wizard of Oz storybook of mine from when I was little. He enjoys it a lot. So I asked him if he would like to see the movie. They were so excited, so imagine our disappointment with the DVD we rented was too scratched to play. But today, they checked out a copy from the library on video and watched part of it while I was at work. My sister told me Taliesin didn't want to watch it when it got to the part of the big head run by the wizard. She explained to him that it was only like a mask that the wizard used to make himself look bigger than he really was; but he didn't want to finish. Right now they're asleep. We'll talk about it more tomorrow and maybe fast forward past that part so they can see for themselves that the wizard of Oz is really just a little man. But, as for Taliesin and Nathanael, in their Burger King crowns, they are definitely kings of Salina.


Donna said...

They look so regal in their crowns : )

My girls used to love getting crowns from BK. They are too old for "such foolishness" now (as they say. Enjoy them while they don't care about "foolishness" Time goes by so fast.

unschoolermom said...

LOL. It definitely does!


TERI said...

Yes, I agree. To be entertained by such simple things as paper crowns is such a delight. How I wish we adults were that easy to please, yes? I can understand about the wizard being scary in that. I am surprised the witch didn't scare them as much. Now, those flying monkeys.....THOSE are frightening!

unschoolermom said...

They didn't mind the witch of the flying monkeys. Once we talked about the head just being like a big mask the wizard was using to make himself look big and mean, they were ready to try watching it again. This time, they got through the whole thing and enjoyed it. I compared the wizard's big head to the big voice on the movie Chicken Little. Then they got it. :^)