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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Double major and more to be thankful for

Well, yesterday I spoke with Liberty University. I am so excited that my double major request has been approved! Yay! Now my primary major is religious studies. My secondary major is education. I just feel this was something I needed to do. I know a lot of people I know think I'm paranoid. But that's okay. I'm just thankful it came through; and I will have that degree if it's ever needed. Now any electives that I choose to do for my religion degree will have to be education classes, serving as my core classes for my education degree. But that's okay. Most of the electives I was taking were education electives, anyway. So it's definitely worked out. Definitely something to be thankful for!

Another thing to be thankful for is Taliesin's art class went so well today. We've been talking a lot about how it's okay to be different. All of us are different than each other. When all of the issues with being excluded began, we started talking about that. That's when we watched Mr. Magorium, and it helped even more. Then, just like it's part of God's plan, this week in children's church; Taliesin brought home a drawing they had done. The teachers drew around each of the children, and the kids could decorate themselves however they wanted to - because God made each of us different and special. Cool thing is, today in art class, that was also their big project. The teachers drew around each of the kids and the kids got to decorate themselves. His art class was focusing more on the parts of the body - bones, stomach, heart, etc. But it still made Taliesin think back to his children's church class and what we've been talking about at home. Today he even wore a sweatshirt I ordered from one of my CCU friends. It's one of the "Happily Homeschooling in Kansas" ones; and he loves it. He proudly showed it to his art teacher who told him it was cool. :^) I didn't get a picture of him wearing it today; but I am going to try tomorrow so I can post it. It's just been a busy day today - with art class, delivering The Buyer's Guide, and work this evening. But things are definitely going better!


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