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Thursday, September 11, 2008


So Sweet!... This is Nathanael helping with the little kitten my sister rescued. It's difficult to see in the photo since it was taken with a flash; but the kitten is little and fuzzy. My sister is holding a bottle of kitten formula for it to eat from. Nathanael is definitely my animal lover. He loves this little kitten, and you should see it with him!
Outta This World Art... The top picture is the one Taliesin and Nathanael made together. We were studying the landing on the moon that day. In the left corner, if you look closely, you can see Nathanael's glitter glue space and planet drawn at the top. At the top middle, you will see Taliesin's sun and each planet in order (yes, Pluto is there, too). Beneath the planets, you will see a space shuttle and an astronaut (that's Neil Armstrong, as Taliesin wrote around the drawing of him). The bottom picture is one that Taliesin made in his art class this Tuesday. Those are his hands, holding the Earth. The yellow stick figure drawn on the left hand is Taliesin, standing next to a ladder that leads up. He told me he would climb up the ladder, jump over to the earth, jump over to the sun (on the right) and slide back down the right arm.

Lookin' Good!... This is what Taliesin chose to wear to his art class today. If you can't tell from the photos, he's wearing a red Star Wars t-shirt; blue basketball shorts, blue and red crocs, a black pleather jacket, and a pink "Spring Break 2008" baseball cap. Very stylish!

Dance Class... Last week, Nathanael would not allow me to sit outside of his dance class room and watch him and wait for him. Everything was new, so I sat in the room with him; and, of course, I wasn't able to take pictures. This week, he was ready to go in all by himself; so we got these cuties from outside of the room. And, of course, when Taliesin had his ballet/tap class on Monday, I forgot the camera. So I should get some this coming Monday. :^)


TERI said...

Precious Kitty. Hope it is doing well.

Wonderful artwork!

That dance class looks great.

unschoolermom said...

The kitty is doing pretty well. My sister took him to the vet yesterday. He told her if we can keep this going for another week, he will pretty much be out of the woods. He's guessing he's a couple of weeks old. His eyes opened yesterday, and his ears are starting to perk up. The vet said to continue with the kitten formula and start a little bit of canned kitten food each feeding.
Taliesin and Nathanael are very proud of their space picture. :^) Glad you liked it. Tomorrow evening is Taliesin's dance class. I'll try to get some of his pictures then. :^)