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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fairy Tales and Cartoons

Yesterday, Taliesin and Nathanael picked a book of Anderson's and Grimm's fairy tales to spend part of their Buyer's Guide money on. Well, we've been reading it a lot today. A current favorite is "The Ugly Duckling." After reading, we went for a nature walk and make some fall leaf collages, then Taliesin asked to watch Dumbo. So while they were watching it, I started thinking about how "The Ugly Duckling" and Dumbo are similar. So after their movie was over, we talked about it. I asked them how the ugly duckling and Dumbo were alike. Taliesin answered they were both ugly and Nathanael said they were both sad. Then I asked them how others treated the Ugly Duckling and Dumbo. They both said others were not nice to them. I asked them if that is how we are supposed to treat others who are different than we are. They both answered no. So I asked them how we should anyone that we just meet. They both said we should be friends with them. They must have enjoyed our questions and answers, the next book they chose to read was an Elmo one called "Red and Blue, I'm Like You." It's about a friend of Elmo's who is a blue monster. All of the blue monsters assume Elmo has different likes than they do because he's red. Then the book intruduces orange monsters and pink monsters, and the moral of the story is even though we may all look different, we are all important and are all people. That led perfectly into a fun time with dress-up. I got some old clothes out of the closet, and we had lots of fun. :^)


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