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Monday, September 29, 2008

Playgroup, Dress-up, Park, and Library

That's Taliesin in his "Happily Homeschooling in Kansas" sweatshirt - ordered from a CCU friend. She has some great designs on her Cafe Press site - Contra Mundum!
This is Nathanael in his "Homeschool: The World is My Classroom" sweatshirt. It's not designed by the same person, but it's cute, too. And he liked the ladybug. :^) We found it while searching for homeschool designs on Cafe Press.

The heading of this post is the order our day went in today. This morning, we headed off to a park for a new playgroup. Taliesin quickly made friends with another little boy. Nathanael was soon following and joining in the fun with all of the kids. It was a nice time to talk with the other moms, too. I know several of them from a church I used to attend. None of them homeschool; but it was definitely fun mommy talk. After playgroup, we headed home, read a book called Everyday Things, which talks about things like how a lightbulb and automatic doors work, why we wear pajamas, and why people working in different professions wear different kinds of uniforms. This latter one inspired dress-up! Taliesin dressed up in his Star Wars storm trooper costume. Nathanael, who has never much been into dress-up, dressed up in Taliesin's Batman costume. I played different roles - sometimes as someone needing rescued and sometimes as the bad guy. It was lots of fun. We finished our fun day up with a trip to the park down the street with a neighbor girl Taliesin and Nathanael enjoy playing with. Then we made what is again becoming our weekly trip to the library. We came home with some interesting books - super hero books, Barney books, some on Native American history, one about saints and animals, an art counting book - just a lot of different options. Should be fun to dig into!



Colleen said...

Cool sweat shirts. What size did you get for the boys? I'm trying to see what would work for my kids when I get around to ordering the Guam shirt.

unschoolermom said...

They're size 6-8. They are a good fit for both of them. They're wearing them again today. Taliesin wanted to wear his to art class.


TERI said...

Very cute shirts. I also like the costumes. I remember when my youngest was little he was facinated with "Street Sharks". We made a costume out of material and cardboard...complete with the shark fin. Love those super heroes!

unschoolermom said...

Taliesin is really getting into super heroes. Everything from Spiderman and Batman to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. What I really want to do is after Halloween when all of the costumes go on sale for like 90% off, is to buy up a bunch of them for them to play dress-up in. We do a lot of making of our own, too. That's always fun. And the dollar stores have some neat dress-up things, too. Things like knight equipment and pirate equipment. Those always bring on imaginative play as well.