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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Until Daylight...

I still have not forgotten about posting Taliesin's and Nathanael's story and artwork. My migraine finally subsided on Friday and was completely gone yesterday (thank you again for your prayers and well-wishes). I had two big college assignments to get done on Friday, plus a couple of minor ones for the weekend. So I finished them up on Friday and Saturday. They are a lot of fun, but I hated pushing it that much. I just could not get online that much with the horrible headache I was having, so I had to make the decision to wait it out and work on college all at once.

Friday night, Kelsey brought home some glitter glue and silk leaves for Taliesin and Nathanael. I cannot believe Nathanael is getting so much into his art here lately. Taliesin made a beautiful glitter glue picture (will post it, too) to take to his art class and give to his art teacher on Tuesday. Nathanael made a beautiful one, too, but we get it to hang on the wall (after posting a picture, of course - lol). :^) They both made some really pretty leave collages from the silk leaves. Yesterday, I was finally able to sit down and read to them again. Friday I was a little too nervous to read too much - felt like if I read a lot, the headache would come back. So I passed the reading over to Kelsey so that I could concentrate on college. But we are definitely back into the reading swing of things again now. :^) Right now, their big book interests are the earth book, the sun book, and the space book. We have to read them almost daily here lately. Even Nathanael now can name the parts of the earth - the crust, the mantel, the outer core, and the inner core. Usually the earth book leads back to the rainforest book we checked out from the library recently. Taliesin is still really into drawing. Yesterday he went across the street to play with a neighbor and came home with some more drawings for me. :^) They are so beautiful. And we had a neat nature lesson yesterday, too. Nathanael picked a morning glory from our flower garden in the front yard. Well, it had a bumble bee in it that was pretty covered with pollen. So we watched him for a while before shaking him out to go on to pollenate another flower so we could get the morning glory in water. They were able to see up close the little baskets on his legs with pollen and how he took it from one flower to another.

I'm still trying to get everything ready for the Not Back to School Days next week. Should be lots of fun. Oh, and we bought Nathanael's ballet shoes on Friday. He is really ready for dance lessons but does not like the idea of having to wear special shoes. Any suggestions on that? He would like to wear just socks, but he would slip and fall, and thus ballet shoes are required.

Anyway, I think I'll do some reading and get a headstart on college for next week. I did submit my interview questions to Marc Newman for his interview. I'm excited to see his responses. He has an awesome website and awesome ideas.

God bless.


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