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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Not Back to School and Back to College

Well, we've been having a wonderful time with Not Back to School. I say Not Back to School because, as unschoolers, we learn all the time, not just during the public school year. This week has been nice and relaxed. I think Taliesin and Nathanael need a relaxed week after the fair last week. We went to the library on Monday, played, and checked out some books about China, about rainforests (Taliesin, my conversavtionist's request), some books about counting by twos and fives, some alphabet books for Nathanael, and some good storybooks. Yesterday, we went to the park and played, read, and looked for early signs of fall. Today, we've been reading. Taliesin is really enjoying learning how to count by fives. He's excited to continue on his telling time adventure once he has counting by fives mastered. Yesterday, his big thing was why people are cutting so many trees from the rainforests. I explained to him that it's not a bad thing to use wood. But sometimes we just take too many trees, so we need to put some back so that the animals and the birds there have their homes. He has decided we need to plant an apple tree and a "pinecone" tree in our yard. LOL

The 18th officially marks Back to College for Kelsey and me. But, as of today, we have access to our online lessons. I'm sure we'll both be getting a head start. LOL. I'm excited to go back. My first two courses are one covering the Book of John and a history of Christianity course. Kelsey's is an introductory Bible class and a business communication class, if I remember correctly. His major is business management, mine, of course, is religious studies. I love college. I know I've said this before, but when I'm taking the classes, I truly know I'm doing the will of God - much like with homeschooling/unschooling and writing my book(s). And, thankfully, we got our VCR working again. I ordered video tapes for my lessons instead of DVDs because the remote control for the DVD player has not been working, and I need a remote control to get to the second lesson on DVD. Then, low and behold, the VCR quit working. But it's up and working again. :^)



TERI said...

So glad you got your VCR back up. The boys sound like they had a wonderful day. Books and a Park setting watching nature? What could be better? Thank You for the award. Do you have to vote or can I just post that on my site? Not sure about that.

unschoolermom said...

You can just post that on your site! :^)