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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Not Back to School Shopping

Taliesin and Nathanael have been having a fun time doing not back to school shopping. You know, the time of year when everything is on sale really cheap, so that even unschoolers buy some stuff. Their backpacks from last year are worn out from taking them so many places, so backpacks were definitely on the list. Taliesin picked a green and black Hulk backpack. Nathanael picked a blue and pink cat one. (He named the cat on his backpack Flower). My husband, who has always loved fairies, even got one for his birthday, which is tomorrow - a turquoise Tinker Bell one. I would have gotten one, but they didn't have any Pirates of the Caribbean ones this year, and the only Dark Knight ones they had were Batman (I would want a Joker one, of course). So I'm still backpack-less until the right one comes along. LOL. Two things Taliesin and Nathanael wanted this year - that I would have never thought of getting them at such young ages - were a compass for each and a protractor for each. They really enjoying drawing with them, and I cannot complain about early geometry for each of them in the form of art. Today, Taliesin drew Kelsey a picture of a snowman named Oatmeal for his birthday tomorrow. He drew it using his compass. Yesterday, he drew a picture of a birthday cake using his protractor. I'll post those tomorrow after Kelsey sees his artistic presents. :^)



Stephanie said...

Very cute!

I usually stock up on crayons, markers and paper because we go through so much of it.
I love that it's on sale but feel bad for all of the hype (back to school)just to make kids get a little excited.

We drove by the elementary school yesterday and it says first day is Aug. 11th 7:15 am - 2:15 pm.
I asked Cassie what she thought about that, she said *that's 7 hours*

I said is that something you would be interested in?

*No WAY*

unschoolermom said...

No way on Earth! I don't blame her at all. It is all hype, really. Kids are excited to go back, but once they're there a week, they're ready for it to let out again. I agree with you that really what makes it exciting for kids is the new stuff - new school supplies, new clothes. Once the new is old again, it's not exciting anymore.


Donna said...

We've been stocking up on stuff too. Wal-Mart has notebooks for 5 cents each! We bought 40 of them! LOL. I use them for grocery lists and things of that nature, and the girls use them for all sorts of things. I'm thinking of buying even more. Guess you culd say I am hoarding notebooks right now, LOL : )

unschoolermom said...

Hey, why not when they are so cheap? Thrifty thinking. :^)