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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fun Day

Well, this morning was such a nice, cool morning; we decided to deliver The Buyer's Guide early. We got started by 9:30 and, since it was just Taliesin, Nathanael, and me delivering while Kelsey was at work, we were finished by ten after 11:00. We took our time. On the way to deliver, we passed several kinds of trucks - concrete trucks, garbage trucks, trucks that pick up scrap metal, dump trucks, everyone seemed to be out today. That led to a fun discussion about workers. Then we took a picnic lunch and some books to the park! On the way, we passed two grade schools. Taliesin asked me about them. I explained those are places where some kids go to school. At the first one, some of the grades must have been out for recess. Some children were out playing ball. Taliesin asked me if they get to play ball for school. I told him not all day. They get around fifteen minutes to go outside and play and then they have to go back in to do their school work. I asked him if he preferred to go to a school like that or if he preferred to do what we do. He said he prefers to do what we do. Then we passed the second a few streets away. He saw kids bikes' parked out in front and asked why they put their bikes there. I told him some of the kids probably rode their bikes to school and had to leave them there while they are inside. He said again that he prefers to do what we do. On the way, they also began talking about the street signs. Taliesin talked about different speed limits and spelled the word "STOP" on a stop sign, telling me "I spelled stop!" Nathanael talked about what color of lights we stop, wait, and go on. When we got to the park, we played a while, ate and read a patriotic primer book and played some more. Then we said some poetry and sang some songs while we swang. (They love the poem "The Swing" which led into other songs and poems they enjoy). Then we read a boat book and a snake book. Then they spotted the stage where various summer concerts are held. So they got up onstage and did a dance for me (yesterday, we went to dance class orientation, so they're really looking forward to dance class and learning new dances) as I watched and cheered from the bleachers. It was a very fun day. And look at what all we covered without even attempting to. :^) I shall say it again - I LOVE UNSCHOOLING! :^)



TERI said...

Lovely Story! Such wonderful and priceless times that you had with your boys. Doesn't it just feel so right to learn in this way?

unschoolermom said...

It definitely does!