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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kelsey's Birthday

The Birthday Banner (made from beans).

The Birthday Hat (Kelsey had to wear this everywhere we went on Monday).

Taliesin's picture of Oatmeal the Snowman he drew, using his compass, for Kelsey.
Nathanael's rainbow he drew with a compass and protractor (and a little help from Mommy).

Taliesin's picture he drew with a protractor (that's his handprints over top of the drawings; and, if you look closely, you can see his name in one of the handprints).

Taliesin's sun made from beans.
Taliesin's house made from beans

August 4th was Kelsey's birthday. We had lots of fun, although we have yet to make the cake. We're doing that today (a pizza crust with sugar mixed in, topped with banana pudding, crushed Life cereal, and fruit). But Taliesin and Nathanael had lots of fun making things for Daddy for his birthday.

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