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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Work and Conversations....

Boy, I'm having a lot of good conversations at work here lately. LOL. Tonight I closed with the manager again from the previous posting. We have such good conversations. I love it! LOL. Tonight, we talked about The DaVinci Code. She has never read it. I explained to her the basic jist of the book, since my other book I'm working on does dispute the ideas found within its pages. She was flabbergasted at what this novel claims. I told her of some of the research that I have done - even a National Geographic special pointed out the historical errors found in the book. We also had a little more of a conversation about the Heath Ledger book. I told her some of my ideas that I'm going with in the book. She told me she will want to read this one when it's published.
I also had a short conversation with her husband tonight. He told me he suprised his Bible study group tonight by telling them that the word Trinity is never found in the Bible. From my Bible studies, college studies, and theological studies, I knew that. I just nodded in agreement. I love theological conversations! It is so interesting to me to hear different perspectives. One of my favorite things about a recent class over the Book of Romans was to study the differences between the Reformation interpretation of Romans and the New Perspective on Romans. It sounds like my manager's husband is starting to see some ideas that would fall under the New Perspective. I find it encouraging that a lot of Christians that I know are attempting to go back to a New Testament-style church. I have a good friend who, along with her husband, has decided to have church at their house in the way the New Testament Christians conducted church. I think that is so wonderful. I've actually thought of beginning a house church myself at times. But then, I think I'm too stuck in the traditional church mode. I love the look of old church buildings. I love the sound of a worship team. I feel God's Presence in a traditional or contemporary service where others feel His Presence in a house church. Isn't it wonderful how God reveals Himself to us according to our own personality? I guess that only makes sense, after all, it's all about a relationship with Christ.
Speaking of church, I volunteered today to help with our church's children's church class for next semester again. I really do enjoy it. Today, the kids just really opened up. The lesson was on building ourselves up for God. We had some discussions, I think, that really made the kid think - ways that we can honor God through helping others, through studying the Bible and praying, etc. I love it when I get the chance to have kids think about theological topics. :^)


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