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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornado and Homeschooling Conversations

I was at work last night when tornado sirens went off. They know I will not stay during a tornado, so I left. Then I called after the first bout and asked the manager if they were going to open back up since there were two more storms coming according to the radio. He said they were opening back up in fifteen minutes. I couldn't believe they would. So I waited about ten minutes before leaving and told Taliesin and Nathanael I had to go back to work. Nathanael kept grabbing ahold of my and saying, "No, seven more minutes. Seven more minutes." So I waited a couple of more minutes. I started walking up the basement stairs, and the sirens went off again. I called the manager back again and told him we were in another warning. So I waited until it was over, then called him back again. This time he told me they weren't going to open back up, not come back because they had someone else closing drive-thru. What had happened was one of the girls came in to collect some money for a fundraiser she is doing for her church. She closed drive-thru since she was there. Then she called me this morning and asked when would be a good time to collect the money I owed her. I told her I would bring it by to her tonight at work. I told her the only reason I wasn't there last night was because of the tornado. She told me, "Yeah, I closed drive-thru for you last night." For some reason when I got off of the phone with her, that hit me wrong. I didn't want a sixteen-year old girl thinking I had her come in during a tornado to close for me. So I called her back and I explained to her that she had closed for the manager, not for me. I had called the manager several times, but he told me not to come in. I told her I'm not stupid enough to stay in a building like that during a tornado warning, especially when a building a mile away had the roof taken off by the same tornado. I wouldn't have someone come in for me. Like I told her, I would have come in at 2:00 in the morning to close, but I was waiting until it was over. But I took the money over by this afternoon. She had not come in yet, so I left it with the manager to give to her. I think today has just been a day for interesting conversations for me. I had Taliesin and Nathanael at the library today. We were there for a couple of hours and were getting ready to check out the books. A lot of the kids were getting in trouble at the library today, because they were playing too rough. Thankfully, Taliesin was only involved once. That time, they were just getting a little noisy. Anyway, one of the little girls there was named Allison. Well, apparently when Taliesin was being too noisy and I corrected him for it, I called him Taliesin, and this mom thought I was saying "Allison." So she asked me as we were checking out if his (pointing to Taliesin) name was Allison. I told her, it is Taliesin. She said she thought I was talking to her daughter. She said her name is Allison, but they only call her that when she's in trouble. I assured her I was talking to Taliesin. I didn't think her little girl was being that noisy, honestly. She was being really good. Anyway, one of the librarians was checking me out and one was checking out this other mom (whose older kids were corrected two or three times for being too rough). But I heard the librarian that was helping her talking about someone who comes in. She said this lady has the best behaved children, and then she threw in "I think she homeschools." Everytime I hear the word homeschool, I automatically look, I don't know why. LOL. But the other mom kind of shook her head and said something about homeschooling. I couldn't catch what. Well, I had been talking to this librarian earlier about the storm last night and she glanced over at me. I think they all know we homeschool. So I, talking to the librarian, told her, "Yeah, we'vehomeschooled for almost three years." The other mom, I think was a little embarrassed. She then said, "Oh, I respect those who can homeschool. I just could NEVER do it." You know how much I wanted to say, "If you think you never could, you probably shouldn't." But I didn't. I finished checking out and left. Yeah, it's been an interesting day. LOL. But we went to the park after the library, and now Taliesin and Nathanael are downstairs watching a video so I can get started cleaning. :^) Boy does the house need it!


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