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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Park Day Vent...

Okay, so both of my sons have long hair. Nathanael has never really had a haircut - in the traditional sense of the word. He's had trims, and his bangs and sides are short to keep him cool. But the back of his hair is long and curly. Taliesin has had traditional haircuts, but he has decided that he wants a pony tail. So, like Nathanael's, his hair is short on the sides and he has short bangs, but it's long in the back. Today we were at the park. Taliesin had on a green sleeveless short set. Nathanael had on black basketball shorts, a black t-shirt with Lightning McQueen, and green camo crocs. Someone thought he was a girl. Yeah, he really looked like a girl in his little boy shortset. I'm assuming that, using this logic, I can give him a crew cut and put a dress on him, and people will think he's a boy. Why do people automatically assume long hair equals girl. They can see a little girl with short hair and think nothing of it. Ughhhhh! Why are there double standards?
Then, if that wasn't enough, Taliesin and Nathanael were playing; and, lo and behold, the city starts spraying the park for weeds! I called the parks department and asked them how they can spray with kids there. Kids can't play on a just sprayed yard. He told me they shouldn't have been spraying with kids there. He would call them. Well, I heard him radio the guys spraying, but they didn't hear it. So I walked over and told them. I think they thought I was a crazy trouble maker, but I don't care. We don't even spray our own yard, and I'm not going to have them spray a park with children there. That isn't healthy.
Anyway, just venting a little. But, Taliesin and Nathanael had fun, anyway; so that's all that matters.

P.S. I finally got a digital camera. I'll post some pictures as soon as I figure out how the camera operates and how to post them. I still have some pictures from the unschooling group's Earth Day celebration that my neighbor took that I need to post as well. :^)

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